Creating Sacred Space from 185 Empty Chairs with Mark Pierson

by Christine Sine
185 empty chairs

185 empty chairs

One of the delights of our lives is the opportunity to offer hospitality to people from around the world. This last week Mark Pierson from New Zealand, author of The Art of Curating Worship was with us. Over this next week I will share several snippets from the talk that he gave in our backyard about different aspects of worship. I wanted to start with this description of the installation his friend Peter Majendie constructed as a memorial following the Christchurch earthquake. A good friend of mine was killed in the earthquake and listening to the description ministered deeply to me and I thought it would to others as well. Unfortunately the quality of the video is not good and at one point our dog Bonnie interrupts the flow but you can still get an idea of what this powerful memorial installation involved. Adrienne Rewi gives an excellent description of the installation here:  185 empty chairs and a church.

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