Celebrating an At Home Holy Week

by Christine Sine

by Christine Sine

The resources for us to celebrate Holy Week at home are multiplying and like me you are probably having trouble trying to decide what to do – on your own, with your family and as part of your church community, so I thought that I would make a list of the ones I am most attracted to for you to consider. If you have other suggestions that should be on this list let me know.

Palm Sunday

At the top of the list is Lilly Lewin’s Palm Sunday At Home suggestions.

Sujatha Pichamuthu Balasundaram has written a great post on The Privilege of gratitude with a Palm Sunday coloring sheet that I highly recommend.

Holy Week

Holy Week At Home: Praying With A Centerpiece by Lilly Lewin

Paul Neeley has some great “At home Holy Week” resources listed on his site.

Missio Alliance has also put together a great selection of ideas for Holy Week At Home 

And from Christine V. Hides Seven Ideas for Holy Week At Home 

Or you might like to try this Holy Week In Handprints 

Or this: Holy Week Art Project  – I have thought of combining this with sidewalk chalk art that honors those on the front lines.

Maundy Thursday

Another great post from Christine V Hides: Maundy Thursday At Home: Stripping the Table

Here is a “simple”Christian Seder meal – a great one to combine with the liturgy from our free Maundy Thursday download.

Good Friday

Make some hot crossed buns. This has long been a tradition in Australia and many other British influenced countries. I love it.

This tin foil craft is a great meditative practice for adults or just fun for kids.

Stations of the Cross by Lilly Lewin (another free download)

A Stations of the Cross booklet is available as a free download from the Grotto Network.

Easter Sunday

Plant a resurrection garden

If your kids are LEGO enthusiasts you might like to try this LEGO Resurrection garden 

Join the Sing Resurrection movement

Read The Garden Walk of Holy Week and get out and do some gardening.

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