Breaking Down Walls – Getting Ready for Lent

by Christine Sine

by Christine Sine

Lent is still a couple of months away. It doesn’t begin until March 6th, but I am already thinking about how I will practice it and longing for the self reflection and renewal that it brings.

This year our Godspace theme will be Breaking Down Walls. I am not just thinking of the controversy about the border wall on the U.S/Mexican border when I choose this topic.  All of us have walls in our lives. Walls that separate us from the one true God, from each other and from God’s creation. Jesus is the one who is able to break down the walls and open the barriers that keep us closed off.  Lent is a great season of preparation for destruction of the barriers that separate us.

What walls do you still need to break down:

  • within yourself to find inner healing from past hurts and scars;
  • in your attitude towards others to bring reconciliation and unity;
  • in your concern for creation to become the best steward of God’s good earth that you could possibly be;
  • in your relationship to God and your desire for new depths of intimacy with your creator.

What could a 21st century desert experience look like for you this year?

What preparation could you make now so that Lent becomes a powerful season of renewal and transformation, a season for breaking down walls? I am already working on my Lenten garden and it is helping me to think about the walls that I need to work on breaking down during this upcoming season.

We are still in the season of Epiphany. One of the important celebrations of this season is the coming of the Magi and part of what I love about these foreigners from the East is that once they encountered Jesus, they went home by another way. Their encounter with the baby Jesus changed them forever. May our encounters with Jesus also change us irrevocably so that we too find another way to live in our troubled world.

An Invitation to Join Us.

This is your invitation to get ready with us for this season of self examination and liberation from the bondages of slavery. Come into the desert with Jesus as he resists the temptations of hunger, power and wealth. Come with the children of Israel as they are led into the wilderness to find the freedom of following no other God but YAHWEH. Come expecting walls to be broken down and new pathways to be forged so that together we can celebrate the wonder of Jesus resurrection and invitation to be part of a global family of unity and acceptance.

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