Awe & Presence of God

by Hilary Horn

By June Friesen —

Reflection awe has seized my spirit recently during the Lenten season. The sunrise reflection was on my morning walk Saturday and the other about 4 weeks ago on a get away day to a preservation area. Here is a great meditation on the awe & wonder challenge.


The water may be murky and dirty –

Filled with vegetation that appears dead and lifeless –


Pausing and pondering I see

A perfect reflection of the world

Around, as well as above.

How is it I marvel

That what seems so imperfect and marred

Can yet reflect such beauty seemingly unmarred?

And then I am reminded –

My life is also an imperfect vessel –

One that is marred because of humanity –

Yet …….. yet…..

When I embrace the opportunity given

I too can be a reflection of God my Creator –

I can be in His presence and allow His presence in me

To be what others see, feel and experience –

God’s presence…..I choose to let it be reflected through me.

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