Awe and Wonder Sightings

by Christine Sine

Have you had your dose of awe and wonder today? Some are taking up the challenge though others tell me they just don’t have time for it. (how sad is that).

So to whet your appetite here are a couple of responses I have received this week.

Su Bowman sent in the photo above with the comment “I love the fragility of these sumptuous tulips, flouncing their glory in the sun”

And here is a beautiful poem by Carol Dixon.

Floral Tribute
Can flowers speak?
They spoke to me
in church at Passiontide.
From an earthen vase
on a table of light wood,
carved with the words:
‘Do this in remembrance of me’
I heard the purple irises’
spear-shaped petals
whispering of the sacrifice
of our dying Lord;
the crowding greenery
– like prickly privet bristles –
cry of his crown of thorns;
and, underneath them all,
in humble joy, the bursting,
golden daffodils’ resurrection
trumpets, radiantly announcing
that life lives on, through death.
© Carol Dixon

And my favorite from the week

Lilac flowering

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