Advent Worship

by Melissa Taft

Companions of Brother Lawrence Worship for Advent December 2021: A special guest post compiled by Margery Tate

Advent opening prayer

Holy God, we long for your peace, and trust in your promise.

We hear your call to turn towards you, to change our lives and welcome you in.

Holy God, meet us here and fill our minds with your wisdom and our hearts with your peace. In the name of the one who is coming. Amen. (Rev. Susan A. Blain)


Light a candle of hope. 

As we light our candle of hope we remember that the light of Christ shines in the darkness and the darkness has never put it out.

H is for humble.

In this season of Advent we come to you humbly as we wait in hope.

We place our hope in you O Holy one.

O is for ordinary

In this season of Advent help us to pay attention to the ordinary things that have the power to transform the world in extraordinary ways.

Remind us again how ordinary humanness and extraordinary God come together in the Incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ.

P is for prepare.

In this season of Advent, we decorate our homes and churches in preparation for your arrival.

We pray that you will help us to prepare the way for you.

in our lives and in our world.

E is for expectant.

In this season of Advent, all of creation waits for you with longing and expectation.

We worship you and open our hearts in joyful expectation.  

(Rev. Katelyn B. Macrae, Richmond CC Vermont)

Reading – Pregnant with hope by Kate McIlhagga

Now is a time of watching and waiting

a time pregnant with hope

a time to watch and pray.

Christ our advent hope,

bare brown trees, etched dark across a winter sky, 

leaves fallen, rustling, ground hard and cold, 

remind us to prepare for your coming; 

remind us to prepare for the time 

when the soles of your feet will touch the ground,

when you will become one of us

to be at one with us.

May we watch for the signs, listen for the messenger,

wait for the good news to slip into our world, our lives.

Christ our Advent hope,

help us to clear the way for you:

to clear the clutter from our minds,

to sift the silt from our hearts,

to move the boulders that prevent us meeting you.

help us to make straight the highways,

to unravel the deception that leads to war,

to release those in captivity.

May sorrow take flight, your people sing a song of peace and hope be born again.

Hymn – O come, O come Immanuel

We say together the words of Brother Lawrence – Companions’ Prayer  

O God here we are all devoted to you; make us according to your heart. 

O God Thou art one make us one.

Spend a moment in God’s presence. 

Be still. 

Now mention our family, friends and others we know to be in need by name, holding them in our hearts and in the bright flame of God’s light and love.


Words of Brother Lawrence

I do nothing else but abide in his holy presence.

Let us pray together

On those days when we have cause to doubt your promises 

come close to us Lord Jesus.

On those days when we long for safety at any price, 

come close to us Lord Jesus.

On those days when we cry out for justice from the depths of our hearts, 

come close to us Lord Jesus.

On those days when we are afraid to face the future, 

come close to us Lord Jesus.

Pause for a moment in God’s presence

Today you have come close to us Lord Jesus, abide with us and in us.  

We are filled with hope, knowing your light will shine in the darkness.

Help us to share your love and your light with all we meet in the days ahead. Amen.

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