Advent in Art by Mark Pierson

by Christine Sine

I just received Mark Pierson’s Advent in Art  cards in the mail. I love these cards and the simple reflections that go with them. This year Mark has used Wayne Forte’s art. You can sign up to receive the card content weekly by email or view them online.

Wayne Forte-Annunciation-


For centuries a messiah has been expected. That this saviour might be a baby, carried by a young unmarried girl and born into an obscure family and village in an occupied country was not expected. This did not meet the expectations of most people. The expected messiah; but not the messiah they expected.


What expectations of your were met or not met in the past year?

Offer them to God with gratitude or sadness.

What expectations do you have of this Christmas season? Or of the new year?

Offer those to God.


Light the first candle on your Advent wreath and use it to remind you that both met and unmet expectations are part of life with God.


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