A little sacred/ordinary over breakfast…

by Hilary Horn

By Talitha Fraser —

Inspiration takes time I think.  Being present to what IS.  Seeing, hearing, touching, tasting what is already there as if with new eyes, new ears, new hands, new lips – appreciating with reverence and joy or delight the sacredness of ordinary things.  In this way: rocket from a friends garden, dived potatoes and tomatoes, eggs picked up by a housemate who also brings back that first coffee of the day. The meal is symbolic of more than the sum of its parts, overtones of love and life, aromas of sharing and community, flavour and savour more than mere fuel.  I wish everyone’s life could be made up of recognising these things that make life worth living… we get busy and we get blind.
I will taste the joy of being awake.

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Joy Lenton May 12, 2017 - 9:20 am

Beautiful, inspiring thoughts, Talitha. I will be mulling over them for quite some time, these words especially:
“we get busy and we get blind.
I will taste the joy of being awake.”
Oh how we need reminders to live with the”sacredness of ordinary things.” Thank you!

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