A Contemplative Taize Style Service from St Andrews

by Christine Sine

A contemplative service with music in the spirit of Taizé. Carrie Grace Littauer, prayer leader, with music by Kester Limner and Andy Myers.

Thank you for praying with St Andrews Episcopal Church Seattle.!

Permission to podcast/stream the music in this service obtained from One License with license #A-710-756.

“Rabboni Beloved”
By Kester Limner and Andy Myers, shared under the Creative Commons License, Attribution (CC-BY)

“O You Are Beyond All Things”
Words and music by Taizé Copyright and all rights reserved by GIA/Les Presses de Taizé

“Down in the River to Pray”
Traditional American spiritual, public domain
Arrangement by Kester Limner, shared under the Creative Commons License, Attribution (CC-BY)

“When He Cometh”
Public domain hymn, written in 1856 by William Orcutt Cushing, who was a Methodist minister and advocate for the education of blind children. Originally, the lyrics were written as “make up His jewels”, but my mother always sang it to me as “take up”, so that’s how I sing it. I like the image of God collecting his scattered treasures, like the woman seeking the lost coin in Luke 15. –Kester

Readings quoted in this service include:
Excerpt from Transfiguration by Edwin Muir; “Weird” by Steve Garnaas-Holmes (unfoldinglight.net)

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