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by Christine Sine

It looks as though I got it wrong. Last week, at least the early part of it, did not turn out to be my birthday week at all. As I mentioned in my Meditation Monday: Pay Attention, Find Joy, Be Discerning, all the plans I had for the week seemed to dissolve in accidents, illness and unexpected happenings. I couldn’t believe how much I use my left hand and how much a simple cut could slow me down. However it has only delayed things not cancelled them .

Fortunately, my focus on paying attention to my life enabled me to relax and go with the flow of what was happening rather than get frustrated by what I missed out on. The poems I share in my Meditation Monday: Pay Attention, Find Joy, Be Discerning are a sample of what I learned this week because I slowed down and took notice. As well as that, I started reading Slow Seasons by Rosie Steer. Talk about fortuitous. Drawing on experiences growing up in Scotland, she guides us through the old Celtic calendar and encourages us to slow down and tune into nature’s rhythms to get back what is is important. She comments “Maybe it’s because the world is so complex and busy that we cling to goals and achievements to carve out a sense of control, to shape our own narratives…. Foraging a new path in the forest of life takes time and effort. You need to muster your commitment to new patterns of thinking, exposing yourself to new experiences – and yes, sometimes the attendant anxieties they bring – to create a healthier path that, over time will become well-trodden. (Slow Seasons by Rosie Steer, 11)

Discernment as a way of life means that we don’t necessarily try to set goals or make resolutions, but learn to listen to the world and people around us. It is a fun and satisfying process that enriches our lives and relationship to God. I hope you will join us on Saturday for our retreat Spiritual Discernment: Finding Direction in a Confusing World when we will explore this in more detail. We would love it if you would consider joining us for all three winter/spring retreats.These will nourish your life and help to guide you through the year ahead.

Imbolc, is the next event on the Celtic Calendar and the related Candlemas on the Church calendar. These are fun occasions to celebrate. You might like to make a St Brigid’s cross like I did last year. Or bless your candles as Carol Dixon invites to in this lovely Candlemas celebration. Ash Wednesday and Lent are not far behind, this year beginning on Valentine’s Day. This reminds me that the last time this happened I used the theme “For Love of the World God Did Foolish Things” for Lent. It was both fun and revealing and I am considering using this for my focus this year too. You can check out all our Ash Wednesday and Lent resources in our resource centre.

As you know I am a strong believer in the need for ritual in our lives, to mark the passing of the seasons and to celebrate both the joy and the sorrow of life. We can’t have mountain top experiences without valleys where the visions and revelations we received are lived out. Celebrating both the highs and the lows encourages us to develop a healthy rhythm of life.

This week on the Godspacelight blog June Friesen in her post, Opportunity for New Beginnings  ponders the resurrection and its promise of new beginnings. A great reflection as we start to get ready for Lent and Easter. In her Freerange Friday: Happy Birthday Christine Lilly Lewin offered us a Birthday Examen, a wonderful way look back and forward, see who we have been and who we are becoming. Even if it is not your birthday, this is a great examen to use. Ana Lisa De Jong offered us another series of poems this week too. Her poetry is very inspiring and I heartily recommend it.

My favourite post this week was Elaine Breckenridge’s Wassail, Wassail in which she describes the wassailing tradition in which apple orchard trees are blessed. It is an ancient tradition, well worth reviving for today. Here in the Pacific NW, where we have lots of apple trees, it is particularly meaningful.

The Liturgical Rebels podcast is on its way, but as so often happens with new projects, it is a little delayed. I had a fun interview with poet Drew Jackson this week and have another scheduled on Thursday with artist Scott Erickson. As I start this podcast, I am reminded that as the Hebrews paraded around Jericho, it was the musicians that led the way, the artists, the creatives are the ones whom I think always lead the way for us into new ways of thinking and new perspectives on the gospel story, so that is why we are starting with artists, poets and hopefully musicians. Your prayers are appreciated as we prepare to launch. There have been a few unexpected bumps in the road but I am excited about where this is going, so excited in fact that it has disturbed my sleep this week.

As I contemplated this new beginning this poem sprung to life:

A new adventure is unfurling,
Weird and wonderful,
Worthy of savouring,
Its unknown depths
And unexpected turns.
With new horizons to explore,
And stunning vistas to admire,
There is quiet potential
In its whispered promises,
Any hidden opportunities.
I celebrate its coming.
I relish the blessings and the privilege,
The wonder of its emerging,
Touches me with awe.

Many blessings and thank you for your prayers.
Christine Sine


Join Christine Sine January 27th, 2023 10 am – 12 pm PT for a virtual retreat, Spiritual Discernment: Finding Direction in a Confusing World, as she facilitates an exploration of practices that enable us to become “all ears” and listen in all circumstances to the voice of God. This session will be full of helpful input, discussion and creativity. Come join us and learn to listen more deeply to the voice of God.

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