FreerangeFriday: Happy Birthday Christine!

by Lilly Lewin
me and christine

by Lilly Lewin

Happy Birthday Christine Sine! Thanks for all you do for Godspacelight! and for all the love and wonder you bring to God’s Kingdom and to all of us! In honor of Christine’s birthday today, and my own birthday tomorrow, I am reposting my BIRTHDAY EXAMEN! In true hobbit fashion, I am planning to take the next few weeks to consider all the gifts I want to share with the world in 2024!  Please take time to send Birthday love to Christine since she makes all this possible!  I am so grateful to be a Liturgical Rebel with you!



BIRTHDAY EXAMEN inspired by Father Michael Sparough

Birthdays give us an opportunity to look back and look forward
To celebrate who we are and where we’ve been.

To take a look at what makes you, YOU and take time to celebrate that!

What do you like about yourself?

What are you grateful for today?

What would you like to heal?

What would you like to learn more about?

How can you celebrate who you are today even if your birthday to months away?

Like do a Birthday Examen Practice today on yourself…

First feel God’s amazing love surrounding you!

Second…what are you grateful for in your life…? As Father Michael Sparough says…not a list of things but rather a savoring of the gifts in your life….you talents, the people God has brought to you and are in your life now. Your faith and the journey you’ve been on with Jesus.
Opportunities you’ve had ….gifts of the spirit in your life…generosity, patience, kindness etc

Take some time to truly be grateful today.

What about feelings…how have you felt about your life…maybe you’ve been disappointed, hurt, suffered had heart breaks, set backs …talk to Jesus about these…the God of love is loving you, smiling at you, holding you ! NOT JUDGING YOU.

LISTEN to what Jesus says to you! Allow Him to love you even in the hard memories. Give Jesus the negatives to hold and carry for you.

Finally, LOOK FORWARD in HOPE! What are the good things, the things you want to take into this year ahead? In our Epiphany retreat, Christine helped us consider the intentions, rather than resolutions, we want in the new year.

Sit for a while and imagine Jesus smiling at you and listening to you as a dear friend would over coffee or tea. Listen to Jesus. Sit with Him in His LOVE.

As you look ahead, ask Jesus for the GRACE you need for the new year. Feel His loving arms surrounding you!

Take time to connect with those friends who remind you of who you really are! Give them a call, go out for coffee or have a zoom chat with a whole group of friends and celebrate the wonder of each of you!

Walk with Jesus into this new month and into this new year! Take time to celebrate who God has designed you to be!

There is only ONE YOU! Blessings!

Father Michael’s Examen

©lillylewin and

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