Attention to the Details

by Christine Sine

by Alicia Dykstra

As you know we love to receive responses to the posts we publish and to the concepts we talk about. Here is a beautiful poem that Alicia wrote in response to our summer theme read Life Differently 


To the details

Weeds that are poking up their heads

Other flowers that need to be guarded

Joy over plants that finally “took

Sorrow for those that didn’t

But maybe it was not their time

Or it was not their place to be

This continual play between

The good or the bad

If we sit in another spot

Our perspectives change

There are always two sides to the coin

And when you step in

With colours unmatched

With harmonies unheard of

The smell of fresh-mown grass

The love shared among friends

Then my heart just melts

Into the love you bestow us

And we become one

In wondrous mystery

ATD 18/6/19

Alicia and her husband live and work at the King’s Fold Retreat & Renewal Centre in the Aberta Foothills.
She finds joy in creating meals, poetry and quilts, and facilitating creative retreats.

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