Sue Duby

by Hilary Horn

Sue grew up on an island just minutes from downtown Seattle. From there, she ventured to California for 5 years at Stanford, preparing for a teaching career in high school math. Once children Peter and Krista arrived, she put aside equation solving to enjoy time home with them.

In 1989, Sue and her husband, Chuck, entered full time ministry. 17 years with Mercy Ships took them to Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. Jobs included cooking for the Texas staff, hosting major donors on ships, directing operations and coaching staff.

In 2006, Chuck and Sue joined Hope Force International for nearly 13 years, serving those affected by natural disasters both in the U.S. and internationally. They now enjoy free time to dream a bit more and grab hold of special “God assignments” that cross their paths.

Sue loves sharing life with Chuck (43 years), deep friendship with Krista, Peter and their spouses, hugging 4 grandsons, flower arranging, creating and coffee shops.