Diane Woodrow

by Christine Sine

I’m Diane. In 2007 I married Ian and he took on not just me but my two children who I was homeschooling. I was a single mother for nearly 10 years and for some of that time my children and I were part of Ywam Scotland. Now my son in the army and my daughter, after having done her degree in London, is living in Cardiff. In 2016 Ian and I left his 3-bed house in Wiltshire and bought a 6-bed house in North Wales where I have found my spiritual home. From here, when life was “normal” I rented out rooms in our house via Airbnb, etc, and ran creative writing workshops. I love to spend my days writing, reading, taking my dog for long walks on the beach and in the hills around our house, and keeping in touch with my friends.