Introduction to Celtic Spirituality – Download


This free download is a compilation adapted from Christine Sine’s experiences with Celtic Retreats and other resources. Introduction to Celtic Spirituality covers a range of topics that follow Celtic traditions. If you are unfamiliar with Celtic Spirituality, this is a great resource to aid in your research! It includes a resource list at the end that will guide you toward a vast array of other authors and websites that are centered around Celtic Spirituality.

What’s inside? Check out the Table of Contents in the description section below for a sneak peak.


“There is so much that we can learn from this ancient future tradition whose followers saw themselves as guests of the world, living lightly on this earth and not becoming attached to possessions or place. They believed all of life was a pilgrimage, a journey towards God in which every experience and every encounter provided opportunity to both represent and learn about God.”

Table of Contents
Celtic Spirituality – What Is The Attraction?
A Celtic House Blessing
A Hospitality Liturgy
St. Patrick’s Breastplate: A Responsive Litany
Walking in Circles
Creating a Caim
Resource List
About Christine Sine