Gospel Eyes – Download


Originally written for Lent reflection but readable at any time, this collection of poetry from Jeannie Kendall made available for Godspace looks at some gospel stories through the eyes of various individuals.

Other of her writings can be accessed through www.jeanniekendall.co.uk


During Advent 2020, I posted a poem a day. They seemed to be appreciated by some as a way to reflect through the season, so I am doing the same for Lent. Poetry is very personal, so some may pass you by, but hopefully, at least some will be helpful. I am starting with the baptism of Jesus and working through the gospels (not necessarily in order I’m afraid!) until we reach the events of Easter. Some poems are based around characters we encounter, some are more general reflections for this season. The references are there for you if you would like to use them as daily readings to accompany the poems. God bless you as you read. Feel free to re-use any in any way, I would just appreciate if that is in print or any similar media that you name me (Jeannie Kendall) as author.