Broken Into Wholeness; Poems for Recovery – Download


This download includes a free book of poems by Ana Lisa DeJong called “Broken Into Wholeness; Poems for Recovery”. Ana Lisa has graciously allowed us to offer this collection as a download for our store.


Free book of poems by one of our community writers, Ana Lisa de Jong called Broken Into Wholeness; Poems for Recovery.

If you’re a fan of Ana Lisa’s incredible work, consider downloading these free books in conjunction with her latest published book of poems Heart Psalms: Songs of The Heart, in which Ana Lisa’s poetry is accompanied with stunning scenic photography of New Zealand scenery, which makes her new book both a treasure to read and to look at. A wonderful resource for daily reflections, along with a tool for retreats and quiet times! You can also find other poetry books here on her amazon page to order or her website, Living Tree Poetry.