Announcing the Godspacelight Community Cookbook!

by Christine Sine
We are very excited to announce the publication of our Godspacelight Community Cookbook.
This is truly a community cookbook with a rich feast of recipes created by readers, authors, and friends of Godspacelight. Contributors from the U.S., Canada, Australia, Belgium, the U.K., Norway, Malta and South Africa provided not only recipes but also lots of fun stories and anecdotes to go with their recipes. It feels as though we are sitting down as a great family around a global sized table telling each other our stories as we savour the delicious flavours of our favourite dishes.
Graham Kerr, aka the Galloping Gourmet, commented “Well done indeed… simple, elegant layout and lovely ease of sharing!” Also as a special treat, Graham joined me for a special Facebook live session on Thursday, November 17th to officially launch the book. What a privilege. I was honoured to have Graham as a guest for this session. His book The Gathering Place with recipes and stories from around the world was part of the inspiration for this book. You can find our launch video on my YouTube channel, and I’ve linked it below.
As we launch our cookbook, encouraging readers to create and feast together, we are aware that many in our world are without sufficient food for each day. According to Bread for the World 1 in 10 people go to bed hungry each night. Because of that we decided to contribute 10% of the profits to Bread for the World, a Christian advocacy organization that urges U.S. decision makers to do all they can to pursue a world without hunger. Their mission is to educate and equip people to advocate for policies and programs that can help end hunger in the U.S. and around the world. Another 10% of profits will go to World Concern which “goes to the end of the road to serve people in extreme need because we have an extreme calling—to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a broken world”. They work to transform villages in countries including Bangladesh, Nepal, Chad, Somalia, Uganda and Haiti. Tom and I have partnered with both these organizations for many years and are very impressed with the work they do. The remainder of the profits will help with the ongoing work of Godspacelight.

Purchase Options:

We think that this cookbook makes a unique and very special Christmas gift for Godspacelight followers. We hope you will buy a copy for yourself and for all your friends. There are several ways to buy:
Godspacelight Community Cookbook purchased alone is now available on Amazon!
If you prefer an online copy the cookbook can also be purchased as a digital download which will allow access to a PDF copy of the cookbook.
Or consider purchasing one of our special bundles which combines the cookbook with other resources. The first bundles will be shipped by Monday, November 21st.

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