Meditation Monday – God’s Eyes Are My Guide

by Christine Sine

by Christine Sine

Over the last few weeks, my husband and I have been revisiting Time Team, a wonderful British programme in which the team takes three days to explore an archeological site. Often these sites are of castles that date back to Medieval times. These castles are usually built on top of the most prominent hill in the area and usually close by a river for easy access. In the center of the castle is usually the remains of a high tower, a tower that would have given a spectacular view all around the area enabling the occupants to see exactly what was happening and help them prepare for attacks from their enemies.

660px York Castle diorama

A reconstruction of York Castle in the 14th century, showing the castle’s stone keep (top) overlooking the castle bailey

As I watched one of these programmes, it was as though my brain kicked into gear. I was reminded of the impact these words of Ps 32:8-9 had on me as I wrote last week’s post:

I hear the Lord saying, “I will stay close to you,
instructing and guiding you along the pathway for your life.
I will advise you along the way
and lead you forth with my eyes as your guide.

Then shortly after that, a friend sent me a link to Ps 94:23 because she felt that the second part of the verse held a special word for me.

For you are my true tower of strength,
my safe place, my hideout, and my true shelter.

At first, I could not see how these verses related to each other but as I prayed and meditated this morning, the image of that high tower in the Time Team episode came into my mind and I found myself bringing together these two images. The pathway of God is like a river, I thought. It is never straight and it is not always obvious. Sometimes it flows rapidly and dangerously as down a series of rapids, at other times it flows gently and peacefully, as when it meets a wide open plain. Sometimes it meets a large obstacle like a rock. It doesn’t try to go through it but rather allows itself to be diverted, creating a new pathway around the obstacle.

If we stand beside the river we are only able to see a short distance and often our view is obstructed completely by the trees that line the river. We have no idea what lies ahead or what dangers the river might hold. From a high tower, however the pathway is clear. I can see what lies both ahead and behind and can be prepared for the enemies that might threaten to attack me.

God, I realize, is like that high tower, that all seeing tower overlooking my pathway which I am increasingly aware is like a river meandering through the landscapes of this world. From the top of that tower God’s eyes are able to guide and protect me even when I am down at the river’s edge unable to see ahead or behind. When I am at my most vulnerable God’s eyes watch over me, and if I am sensitive to God’s voice, then I will be able to retreat from the water’s edge and find shelter whenever there is danger close.

This was such reassuring imagery for me this week and out of my reflections, I drew this doodle and the wrote a poem. This kind of creativity is often the result of times of meditation for me. I find that as I draw and write that the words resonate in my mind and take residence in my heart.

Gods eyes on me

Gods eyes on me doodle

My life twists and turns
through the landscapes of this world.
Like a river flowing
through the curves of time.
Tumbling fast, meandering slow,
Looping back upon itself.
Time lost, time gained,
Aware but not aware
Of what passes.
Yet always
all seeing, all knowing
from a strong and mighty tower
God’s eyes guide me.
Holding me close
Within the banks of the flow.
© Christine Sine 2021

What is Your Response?

Take a few minutes to reflect on the pathway that God is guiding you along. Sit with your eyes closed and imagine that God’s eyes are watching over you from a high tower. How does that make you feel? What areas of vulnerability in your life might this give you reassurance in? Is there something that God might be asking you to do in order to find the protection that tower could provide? Perhaps as you meditate, like me you might like to draw a doodle or write a poem. Or you might like to create a collage or express you creativity in some other way. All of these responses open us up to God’s presence and guidance of us.


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