FreerangeFriday: Amazon Box Prayer Practices

by Lilly Lewin
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During these months of “sheltering in place” and staying home when possible, I have noticed the abundance of delivery vehicles that go up and down my street. I work and write in my dining room and I have big windows to take in the view and my dog, Jake, is definitely aware of each truck and the various sound of their engines. He let’s me know when they are invading our space!
We’ve done a lot of our shopping online. Some grocery delivery but other things like books, and running shoes arrive in brown boxes some with a smiley swoosh on the side.

This got me thinking about praying with these boxes… and inspired my prayer practice this week!

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GRAB A BOX TO PRAY WITH or the next time you receive a box in the mail, save it as a prayer tool.
Open the box… consider what is inside.
Was it what you were expecting?
Was it different?
A lot of this year has felt like an unexpected package. One that has arrived without return address and one we never would have ordered ourselves!
Yet, there have been gifts in this crazy year.
And opportunities to open new boxes and receive new things.
What’s the GIFT of this crazy year of 2020 and COVID-19? What have you learned? How have you grown? 
Consider the last few months… opening each month as a box or package…
What were you expecting? What actually arrived? Take some time to pray over your last few months…
Where did you see God at work and feel God’s presence?
Where did you feel God’s absence or miss what God was doing and need to reset?
Ask the Holy Spirit to help you remember. Look back at your calendar, phone, instagram feed, or your pics and see what Jesus has been doing in your life.
Take time to thank him.
Jesus has been with you in the joys and in the sorrows.
In the losses and in the wins.
You might print out some pictures to remind you of the gifts of this season.
Or write down some memories of what you’ve experienced and felt along the way.
Maybe like me you’ve ended up with lots of empty boxes.
Things needing to be recycled or maybe returned.
Maybe there are lots of things you’d like to return from 2020 if you could!
Talk to Jesus about these things.
Allow Jesus to have them and hold them for you!
What are the empty boxes in your life?
The losses, the missed opportunities you need to process and mourn and really look at with Jesus?
Are you willing to let Jesus have the empty boxes to recycle or even burn them up or trash them?
Will you let Jesus have your grief and your loss?
Spend some time talking to Jesus about this.
What are you learning?
What are you missing?
What hasn’t arrived on time?
What has been an unexpected gift, a bonus even in the grief?
You might want to physically do this… write on an empty box the losses and frustrations of these past few months.
Stomp on the box… get out your pain.
Tell Jesus how you are hurting.
He knows you and sees you and loves you so much!
He wants to carry these empty boxes for you!
Or if it’s safe in your area, break up the box and burn it.
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Pray for the delivery people who come to your home or drive by where you live when you notice their trucks.
Pray for those in the warehouses who are working behind the scenes.
Pray for those shopping for others who may feel afraid but still need the money.
You might leave a thank you note on your door or in your mailbox /postbox to thank those who deliver all the boxes.
Who can you send a package or a card to brighten their day?
Could you create a care box, care package for a friend or neighbor or family member you haven’t seen or who might need cheering up in this crazy season?
Pray for post office & mail carriers.
Next time a box, or package arrives, as you open it, consider what Jesus is inviting you to be open to in this new day, in this season of continued uncertainty. Ask Jesus to show you!
Author CS Lewis said that you cannot receive new things from God if you are carrying too many packages! If our hands are filled with too many packages, too many old things, we cannot receive the new gifts from God. Take some time to consider the many things, the many packages you’ve been carrying during this season of covid. And put them down so you can receive the new gifts God has for you!
Lord Jesus
Help us to receive the gifts you have for us during this crazy season!
Help us to take the time to process the good gifts as well as the ones we’d like to return.
Give us your grace to pass on the gift of love and forgiveness to our family, our neighbors and those with whom we disagree.
Help us give good gifts to one another. Boxes and Packages of love, grace, compassion, and forgiveness.
Help us to open these boxes and receive this for ourselves as well.
©lillylewin and

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Maren September 18, 2020 - 8:21 am

This is a wonderful helpful post — that has me praying in so many directions and passing it on to everyone under 40 in my life. Thank you!

Herbert B Orr September 18, 2020 - 11:06 am

Trinity Broadcasting Network has a program “Hope for the World’
During my quiet time this hymn came to me: “Count your blessings.:
I will give the words if it cannot be heard on YouTube.

Herbert B Orr September 18, 2020 - 11:11 am

It is on YouTube. Click on the one with lyrics sung by Guy Penrod.
Angels will help you; Psalm 91 v 11 & Hebrews 1 v 14.

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