Good Friday Resources – Updated for 2019

by Christine Sine

Over this last week I have been posting prayers, liturgies and worship resources for Holy week. I have already posted resources for Stations of the Cross but here are some additional resources for Good Friday that I thought you might enjoy.  I have interspersed them with images of the crucifixion from different cultures as I find reflecting on these remind me that Christ died for all cultures and all nations.

This post from Lilly Lewin: Freerange Friday: A Good Friday TakeAway  has some great ideas for Good Friday.

Also consider downloading her FREE Experiential Stations of the Cross

Take time this week to go through the sessions in the Lenten retreat: Women of the Passion at Sacred Space. It reflects on the events of the Passion, as witnessed by the women in the company of Jesus. Very powerful!

And if you don’t know what Good Friday is about check this.

If you want to get creative: Make a Tiffany Style Cross. 

Lent and Beyond has just updated their Good Friday quotes, poems, prayers and hymns  and other resources including music and devotionals for Good Friday. is always alive with wonderful resources for the season

And from Bosco Peters in N.Z. a Good Friday liturgy

Gone is the Light is a powerful reflective song by Steve Bell.


Aboriginal crucifixion

Many Godspace contributors love to write prayers for each of the significant days during Easter week. Here are some that we have written in the past.

What’s So Good About Friday – Rowan Wyatt

The following prayer is one I wrote for Good Friday several years ago.

This is the first Good Friday prayer I wrote and still one of the most popular

The following is part of a liturgy I wrote a couple of years ago that I often return to:

Jesus you took bread and broke it,
You shared it with your friends.
As you were broken to feed us with the bread of life.
Jesus you took wine and poured it out,
Grapes crushed and drained of life.
As you were crushed and drained of your life blood.

Read the entire liturgy

Crucifixion Art by He Qi

Crucifixion Art by He Qi

Here is part of a longer liturgy designed for church or small group use:

Today we walk with Christ in the dark shadow of the cross,
Knowing we have weighed him down,
Our burdens crushed his shoulders,
His suffering is for us,
For us he willingly endured death.
Let us trust in God alone,
And walk the way of the cross together,
Let us move forward without fear into God’s eternal purposes.
Then we will never know disgrace,
And we will learn to praise our God who never abandons us.

Read the entire liturgy
Good Friday Pryaer.001.jpg.001


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