Hospitality, Opening Doorways to the Kingdom – The Complete Series: Updated for 2020

by Christine Sine

Here is a list of resources on hospitality from a post a few years ago if anyone is interested in further reads as we close last months theme!

The series on hospitality over the last few months has been one of the most enriching and instructive I have facilitated… at least for me. I hope that it has been for you too. And in case you missed some of the posts, here is the complete list. And if you are in a hurry and only want to read the most popular, check out ones with stars .

Injustice At the Table by Andy Wade

The Guest House by Rumi

Faith, Hospitality and Foreign Language Learning

Granola Extraordinaire – A Great Staple for Hospitality

When Hospitality Hurts by Amy Boucher Pye

Can We Show Hospitality to Vandals 

 Litany and Lectio Divina from Celtic Retreat

Litany from the afternoon gathering at Celtic Retreat

Celtic Retreat Morning Liturgy  

Guess Who’s Coming to Sunday Lunch by April Yamasaki

Celebrating with LongTerm Friends I have Never Met

The Ministry of Hospitality to the Lonely – Steve Wickham

Taxes by Leroy Barber

The Healing in the Ministry of Hospitality – Steve Wickham

Hospitality and the Prosperity Gospel: What’s in it for me? by Meredith Griffin 

Hospitality and Listening – Lynne Baab

Hospitality to the Poor, Oppressed and Marginalized As A Way of Life – Mark Votava

Embracing the Wild Hospitality of God

A Hospitality of Openness – Kate Kennington Steer

An Adventure of Amazing Hospitality By Fay Williams

Hospitality for the Gluten Free

Hospitality As A Call For All Of Life by Lynne Baab

A Celtic Hospitality Liturgy

Radical Hospitality – A Reading List 

An Invitation to Summer Hospitality.

The Most Delicious Carrot Cake I Have Ever Tasted

Redeeming the Curse – Count your Blessings

Welcoming Angels Unawares by Amy Boucher Pye

Guests of the World.

Cooking Is Not A Spectator Sport.

Strangers, Friends, Angels Unawares

Communion not Conversion, Slow Church Not Fast Food 

Sharing Food, Sharing Life.

Pear and Raspberry Bread – A Delicious Alternative to Banana Bread

Making Bread – Slowly

Amazing Quinoa muffins

Hunza Pie – Great Way to Use Greens

A Wonderful Apple Cake

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