Some of My Favourite Websites on Spirituality and Gardening

by Christine Sine

There are so many faith related and and garden related resources available these days that it is impossible list all of them but I thought that you would enjoy a list to at least browse through and enjoy.

A few U.S. based blogs from a variety of faith perspectives:

On my own blog, Godspace, I frequently reflect on the spiritual lessons I learn in my garden.

My colleague Andy Wade also posts regularly on the lessons he is learning from the garden on the. I particularly love what he has done in his own garden to create a sense of the sacredness of God.

Sustainable traditions posts some excellent articles on Christian faith and gardening/environmentalism. has some useful lists of books, blogs and websites on faith and gardening/environmentalism to visit.

Presbyterian Food & Faith Blog is a blog of the Presbyterian Hunger Program.

My sacred garden has some great articles on faith and gardening including suggested designs and sacred spaces to incorporate.

Fran Sorin also has some very interesting articles on gardening.

Gardening Mindful blog of the International Contemplative Garden Association is well worth a visit.

Morning Altars Art – a place to check out Day Schildkret’s beautiful  earth art

The Kids Should See This also has an array of beautiful garden art to look at.

Serenity in the Garden is another excellent site with some great reflections on spirituality and gardening.

Red dirt rambling is a site I discovered recently but have not had much opportunity to explore.

Northwest Edible Life written by a very funny woman named Erica who lives in Edmonds WA.

More American Resources

For those living in the Pacific NW, Seattle Tilth is a must contact organization. Their educational classes are superb. And if you are wanting to start a subsidized garden for communities at risk, the Just Garden Project in Seattle is the place to begin. The Seattle Tilth garden hotline is also an excellent resource, there to answer your questions, and it is not just for those of us who live in this part of the world. Their advice and expertise can help visitors from around the world.

Seattle Public Utilities’ Natural Lawn and Garden Care website provides a variety of downloadable resources, including:

The American Community Garden Association provides a wealth of resources and is an entrance into a vast network of community gardeners.

The American Horticultural Society provides many resources, programs, and events by region.

For those interested in food, faith, and gardening in the Twin Cities (Minnesota, US), visit the Facebook page created by the Faith-based Edible Gardening Collaborative.

City Farmer has a veritable treasure trove of information on all manner of urban agriculture information.

Greenfaith is an interfaith coalition for the environment that was founded in 1992. It works with houses of worship, religious schools and people of all faiths to help them become better environmental stewards. They provide an excellent booklet Repairing Eden available for download and resources for various faith traditions to plan green worship around.

I love this TED talk

In Canada.

The Vancouver Community Agriculture Network is an excellent community garden manual available on their website. It is a good, thorough guide to starting and running a community garden.

The City of Vancouver Community Services Social Planning Department has a website with an extensive list of resources, links, etc. for community gardening.

Alternatives feeding citizenship has several worthwhile pdfs that you can download:

To learn about A Rocha’s Community Garden Network (based out of BC, Canada), click here.

In the U.K

The BBC garden site is a good place to start with an interactive map of how to find a community garden near you as well as advice on how to get started, garden with kids and much more.

Garden organic also has information specific to the UK.

And of course we cannot forget the Royal Horticultural Society

In Australia

The Future of Food – a new resource from TEAR Australia

Learn about Sherry Maddock’s inspiring work at Planted Places. \

Gardening Australia is the best place to start with lots of good help specific to the country.

Sustainable Gardening Australia is another great site that I could spend hours exploring and I don’t even live in Australia any more.

And here is a list of the 5 most popular gardening blogs in Australia. 

Again if there are other sites that you think we should list here please let me.

Most of these websites are listed in the resource  Creating a Faith Based Community Garden. though this is an updated list so enjoy.

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