Getting Ready for Advent/Christmas Worship Resources for the Season.

by Christine Sine
Advent resources 2012

Advent resources

List updated for 2015 here

There are obviously endless resources out there to assist us in designing worship services and activities for this season. For some the observances revolve around the lighting of the Advent candles and the Eucharistic celebration. For others it is the preaching of the gospel story and the Christmas pageant that take centre stage. Whatever your faith orientation here are some of my favourite resource sites that I think you will find useful. I have tired to draw from any traditions and cultures. This is the first of several posts on Advent/Christmas resources. A free download of all the lists plus additional information is available here. 

Advent resources from Ignatian Spirituality:

Christmas & Advent ideas from David Keen at Ideas, Resources and Donkey Rides

Bosco Peters in New Zealand has wonderful Advent and Christmas resources at

The Billabong is a great Australian site with resources for both kids and adults.

John Birch has the most wonderful Celtic Advent liturgies available. 

And from John Van de Laar in South Africa another stirring Advent/Christmas liturgy.

Text This Week always has an awesome array of resources for all seasons, but especially for Advent and Christmas.

Lectionary Liturgies provides liturgies based on the RCL readings for each Sunday of the church year.

Lent and Beyond – An Anglican Prayer blog also posts good seasonal resources. is a UK site which has some good seasonal resources.

Biblical Art provides art classes, clip art and more for worship services.

And the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese has some interesting icons and explanation of Christmas from an Orthodox perspective.

A rich array of Advent resources as well as Christmas and Epiphany from

Experiential Worship provides ideas and downloads for worship for all seasons.

I love some of the ideas on this Ultimate Christmas list from the U.K.    

Blue Eyed Ennis has a great list of Advent resources on her blog that are worth looking at.

Some great ideas from Intreractive worship – for Advent: The Feeling of Waiting and Prayers of the People Station  as well as this community made icon really inspired me.

 Last but not least Pick and Print gallery has an amazing collection of links to different sites that have free Christian clip art not just for Advent but for the entire Christian year.

Plan an Advent or Christmas Outreach

Christmas is the season when all of us think of giving to our favourite charities, the homeless and the poor, but there are other ways to that we can give at this season.

United Methodist Church has some good ideas for an Advent outreach in this article – everything from scavenger hunt with random acts of kindness to Christmas eve cookie give away for people who must work.

On my blog Godspace I posted these suggestions for ways to reach to our neighbours during the Advent and Christmas seasons and share the joy of the season, especially with those who are alone, disabled or overlooked.

Passionate homemaker also has some good ideas on how to reach out at this season.  

Resources from Godspace.

Godspace has a variety of resources available for celebrating the season of Advent and Christmas

A Journey Toward Home: Soul Travel For Advent to Lent compiled by Kristin Carroccino and Christine Sine

Waiting for the Light: An Advent Devotional compiled by Ricci Kilmer, Susan Wade and Christine Sine

Return to Our Senses: Reimagining How We Pray by Christine Sine

Prayer Cards. – more than Christmas gifts. These have been used for daily devotions, grief counselling, small groups and congregational prayers.

This post is part of a series on resources for Advent. You might like to check out the other posts or download the entire resource list here.  

This is part of a series on resources for Advent/Christmas. Check out the other posts:

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Advent/Christmas Music from a Rich Array of Traditions

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Godspace has a number of Advent resources available for both free download and purchase. Check them out in our store

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