Let the deep peace of God fill you

by Christine Sine
Deep peace of God to you

Deep peace of God to you

I wrote the following prayer this morning during my devotional time and posted it on the Light for the Journey Facebook page. My mind keeps returning not just to the prayer but to the posture I suggest we adopt for the prayer. I realize more and more how much we all need not just prayers to pray, but actions that go with those prayers – actions that call us focus inwardly to meditate, rest, and listen, or actions that call us to move out and get involved in God’s world.

Let the deep peace of God fill you

Let the deep peace of God fill you

This prayer also arose out of a time of walking round my garden yesterday after it had rained, the first time for about six weeks. The raindrops glistened on flowers and leaves, the air was fresh and fragrant, and everything seemed to have grown exponentially overnight. The sense of God’s presence was electrifying, drawing me into the wonder of God’s abiding love.


Let the deep peace of God be ever present to you

So, before you read this morning’s prayer take a moment to calm your spirit. Sit quietly in a comfortable chair, or go out and walk around your garden. Sit and imagine something or someone who calms and quietens your soul. Sit with the palms of your hand facing upwards, open to God. Take a few deep breaths in and out until you feel relaxed then say the prayer:

Let the deep peace of God
Penetrate your heart.
Let it flood your soul,
And overflow your spirit.
Let the deep peace of God
Fill you with hope and trust.
Let it bring you rest,
And surround you with tranquility.
Let the deep peace of God
Be ever present to you.
Let it guide you forward,
Into the embrace of God’s love.

When you finish sit in quiet for a few minutes more. Allow the peace and the love of God to penetrate deep within you. Perhaps you would like to write the prayer out and take it with you so that you can pause at intervals throughout the day to pray it again and allow it to resonate deep within your being.

Let the peace of God lead you to God's love

Let the peace of God lead you to God’s love

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