Shhhh…Here He Comes an Advent Reflection by Margaret Magi Trotman

by Christine Sine

Today’s post is written by Magi Trotman. Magi describes herself as a child of God first, an artist and writer married to a former Marine, with whom she shares a farm in NE Florida. They have several 4 legged, feathered, shelled and scaled babies. Off the farm are their grown children and not so grown grand boys and girls who they find extremely awesome.  The farm is a work in progress with crops of Lavender, veggies, weeds and ants.  Magi enjoys photography, reading, writing hand written letters, making her own cards. She and her husband are pretty crafty, making anything out of anything that is or isn’t nailed down. Life is good because God gave it to us and us to each other.

Magi Trotman Creche

Magi Trotman Creche

Shhhh… here he comes! Or shhhh! He’s coming!

What if it was a surprise party and everyone in the whole WORLD was invited?!  Don’t “shush” the party goers…Lead them to the mountain tops the roof tops the tree tops and SHOUT for joy “HERE HE COMES!!” Like the song says… “Go tell it on the mountains…and everywhere!” (One of my personal favourite Christmas songs)

Let us stop for a moment and put on the hats of our childhood. Forget the meetings and noise, the responsibilities and logic. When life wasn’t looked upon as a science but was really just happy approximates? Let us look at the world through new old eyes.  Remember?  How we watched the process with wonder? When “are we there yet?” meant how much time to I have left to dream  in the scenery passing by?  The magic of anticipation with joyous eyes and knowing smile when cookies glowed under the burner inside the oven rose then settled like a deflating bed of sweet bubbling goodness.  Even if you were a child on a farm, or helped in a garden, you knew…  that waiting was all the best part of getting to the goal.  Watching eggs hatch, a goat born or a crop grow; it’s all in Gods good time when we are all born.  Our Father would tell us to wait and be still, we would answer merely “Okay” and sit in stillness and wonder was God worked his miracles right before our eyes.

Look now through your eyes as a child at how the easy faith in just knowing creates a peace our hearts that Christmas was meant to bring.  I remember the joy of the lights of Christmas, the gifts of course but there was another feeling I always had. I, even as a child would become emotional and silent, almost overwhelmed with the presence that surrounded me. I liked Santa and the pretty papers and especially the songs, but I knew also, inherently, this Gift to mankind in the form of a baby human-

I was allowed to uncover the baby’s statue in the crèche on Christmas morning and did so with such care, as if not to awaken him.  This child, asleep after such a long journey here, so long ago, has never left, even now.  This child, who knew where his life would lead him, where his Father would lead him.  This child, born to us, simply. Waited for his time of completion and perfection… as do we.

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