A Prayer for the First Sunday of Advent by John Birch

by Christine Sine


The following prayer was posted by John Birch of faithandworship.com on the Light for the Journey Facebook page a couple of days ago.

The Advent story
of hope and mystery,
a kingdom
of this world and the next,
and a king
appearing when we least expect.
Heaven touching earth,
the footsteps of the divine

walking dusty roads
as once they did in Eden,
and a people,
searching for a Saviour
and walking past
the stable.
Open eyes and hearts,
that this might be
an Advent of hope to the world.


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Michael Snow December 2, 2012 - 9:11 pm

May others who have not found this hope see these “footsteps of the divine” as we pass and share the story with them.

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