Looking for Blessings – How the Body Heals Itself

by Christine Sine
good samaritan - african

good samaritan - african from Jesusmafa.com

This morning I am not feeling well. Since my bout with the flue 3 weeks ago I have been spiking the occasional evening temperature, and like most doctors I am reluctant to see a physician for myself. But today I have decided to bite the bullet and go.

Well that doesn’t sound like a blessing you might say. And your right it doesn’t. But in the midst of this I have been thanking God for the blessings of health and healing. Thank God for the immune system that normally does heal and restore us. Thank God for healing herbs that form the basis for many of our medicines. Thank God even for the symptoms that really are part of God’s healing process – runny noses that dispel the viruses from our bodies, inflamed cuts that draw the germ fighting cells to a diseased area, sloughing skin that protects us from most of the germs that surround us.

Of course healing doesn’t always come in the forms we want it too. After all who of us likes to spend days in bed because we are too weak and tired to get up. But that is all part of the healing process. Once again God never seems to work in the ways I expect.

So take some time to thank God for the miracle of healing today. Read through this article that talks about the healing mechanisms of the body. Also read this article that talks about the even more amazing ability of the brain to change itself through meditation and if you have time get hold of Norman Doidge’s book The Brain that Changes Itself  

Our bodies are miracles – so intricate, so complex, so well thought out by God. When I think about it I am truly amazed.

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Erin, Bella Bleue April 25, 2012 - 5:51 pm

I hope you are feeling better. It is so true, what you say, “Healing doesn’t always come in the forms you want it to…” but somehow healing does happen. I’ve been writing about this too lately. It is also quite profound when we are open to seeing healing happening in unexpected ways, what our bodies are actually capable of…and of course what wonders the Divine-God, can create for us.
Thank you for sharing! Blessings, Erin Bella Bleue

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