God loves you this much by Dave Perry

by Christine Sine

I was profoundly impacted as I read this post by Dave Perry over at Visual theology this morning.

God loves

God loves you this much by Dave Perry

As Good Friday approaches I wonder whether I have the courage to write my name into the blank space above, knowing that if I do God will want to gift resurrection life to me where I need it most? In response to being loved this much God invites me just to let love do its work within my soul so that I will be transformed by the power of forgiveness where that is required, set free from all that diminishes me as a person where that is longed for, and opened up to faith in fresh ways where that is called for as a follower of Jesus.

I can’t expect to be a spectator on Good Friday.

When God loves me this much the least I can do is trust that such love will be the (re)making of me, and be prepared on Easter Day to meet the risen Christ within my life in the place of his choosing.

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