The Long Strange Journey of Lent is Almost Over – John Leech

by Christine Sine

This morning’s post in the Lenten reflection series Easter is Coming: What Do We Hunger and Thirst For? comes from The Rev. John Leech. John is pastor and priest of St. Alban’s Episcopal Church Edmonds, WA and he blogs at


The long strange journey of Lent is almost over –

but its destination is not of this world.

It lies beyond time, in eternity.

We do not know much about life in eternity.

What clues we have come, mostly, from Jesus –

from his own stories of the kingdom of

God to come on earth as it is in heaven, and

from the accounts in the New Testament,

of experiences of his presence after

his resurrection. What we glimpse of

the resurrected life we will come to

know through him –

But only surely in his own presence.

Until that encounter becomes real to us,

we live in the shadow of not knowing.

Peace be with you, he says to the disciples, as he

becomes present among them,

in the upper room where they

have gathered again after his death.

Peace be with you, he says to them,

as they absorb the living presence of

the one before them – there he is

among them: the resurrection

is real.

Hello boys!

Got anything to eat? he greets them,

on another occasion. They seem to have

come to an end of their own resources

when he shows up, cooking breakfast

for them, there on the beach.

Come to me. Come and eat.

Perhaps that is a clue to the mystery

What we hear is an invitation

what we see is a meal –

the Lord sets the Table,

the Lord invites us to eat

as in heaven

may it be on earth.


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