Identity, Intimacy, and Impact – Part 1 – By AnaYelsi Sanchez

by Christine Sine

This morning’s post in the series Easter is Coming: What Do We Hunger and Thirst For?  is by AnaYelsi Sanchez.

This article was the basis for AnaYelsi Sanchez’ January talk at Beggars Society. The original articles can be found here.

Intimacy with God enables us to maintain a passion for justice and a commitment to living in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in poverty. Intimacy with God opens up the door to intimacy with others.

But what is intimacy? Is it emotional? Spiritual? Sexual? Experiential?

And is intimacy taught or is it simply a part of what It is to be human?

Many of us share this passion for justice, though it may not always look the same. If you were to ask my friends and colleagues what I have a great passion for, what lights a fire in my spirit, makes me sit up straighter, and speak a little louder, they would tell you- Human Trafficking.

For others it may be a desire to see equality for the LGBT community, another might seek to improve the quality of life for the Sudanese refugees living here in Omaha, and so on and so forth.

No matter what the cause, our ability to impact issues of injustice is directly connected to our ability to experience healthy intimacy and our ability to experience healthy intimacy is directly connected to our sense of identity.

How do we tell a woman trapped in Kolkata’s sex trafficking industry that she is valuable and beautiful if we do not believe this about ourselves?

How do we encourage a child living on the streets of Peru that God AND others want to know them and want to share a life with them when we don’t know the depths of that type of relationship ourselves?

Hear me when I say that this is not about perfecting self before you can serve others.

Identity, Intimacy, Impact… this is a continuous cycle… not a hierarchy of achievements.

If you have an incredible sense of self-worth and identity but never look beyond yourself than you have missed the point. And if you are celebrated for your acts of service and your fervor for justice but cannot even be vulnerable about who you are with those who love you, than you have cheated yourself. God is a God of intimacy AND of action. She desires for us to know her, each other, AND ourselves…. and then to use that knowledge to bring about peace and justice.

But, most of us do not even know what it is to be intimate with our self and yet, how we relate to the world is a reflection of how we relate to our self. When you consider that, it is easy to understand why we are rarely truly intimate with others.

How often are you alone with yourself? How often do you spend time studying who you are and working on your sense of self?

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