Happy Valentine’s Day – or is it?

by Christine Sine

Shrine of St Valentine Dublin, Ireland

Scott Hackman posted this on the Mustard Seed facebook group this morning. I struggle with the emphasis this holiday is given, as I talked about last year in my Valentine’s day post Walk in the Way of Love.  However I am not always good at opening up restorative conversations as a result. Scott says:

I am sharing this video with the Mustard Seed Associates group, because laughter can be a sacred act, when it breaks down boundaries and opens up the possibility of restorative conversation. Ted & Co and I produced this subversive short story to influence the consumer mindset, during Valentines (For those of you who may not know Ted Swartz, he is an Anabaptist/Mennonite/Christian who has been producing biblical sketch comedy for over 20 years. (He likes to call what he does Subversive Theater)

Thanks Scott, Ted & Co for a creative approach to the holiday.

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