Resources for Lent 2012

by Christine Sine
Lent is Coming

Lent is Coming

Lent is only 2 weeks away and it is time to get ready. There is still time to contribute to the Lenten reflection series Easter is Coming What Do We Hunger and Thirst For?

There are other ways too that you might like to join us during Lent.  Here are some ideas that come from the MSA Lenten Guide.

  1. Join the $2/challenge and cut your food budget to $2/person per day for a week or for the entire season of Lent. Give the money you save to your favourite charity
  2. Check out your eco-footprint and plan to cut your consumption by 20% throughout the season of Lent.
  3. Do Justice for Lent –  .  Use the Steps of Justice Prayer Guide to educate yourself about the injustices of our world and prayerfully make decisions that will engage these challenges.  Those living in the land down under might like to participate in the Lent Event a rapidly growing community movement of action and reflection around the issues of extreme poverty.
  4. Connect to the global church in your own neighbourhood.  Visit churches and community events  of other traditions and cultural perspectives.  Spend time learning about the ethnic diversity of your community and explore ways to interact with other nationalities.
  5. Keep a gratitude journal.  The children of Israel grumbled in the desert and so often missed the profound ways in which God was liberating them.  Keeping a gratitude journal focuses us on what God is doing and opens our eyes to the new things that are happening.

Here are some ideas I have posted in previous years, but I would love to add to this list so please send me your suggestions.

Lent and Beyond – an Anglican prayer blog has some of the best reflections and devotionals around.  i particularly enjoyed the Ash Wednesday index and Lent and Ash Wednesday Activities for Families

Jonny Baker in the UK always has great resources available for worship.  Here is his Lenten link

The Lenten resources at  as usual form one of the most comprehensive resource lists available.

Two sites that list some good resources from Australia are: Per Crucem Ad Lucem and Liturgy – worship that works

In New Zealand Bosco Peters always has good resources listed

And from South Africa John Van deLaar at Sacredise is worth checking out

Work of the People has produced some great Lenten studies, reflections & video resources this year too.

And if you are looking for daily scriptures during Lent check out:

The Daily Office From the Book of Common Prayer

Presbyterian USA daily readings

The Daily Office from the Episcopal Church US

Daily Prayer with the Irish Jesuits

Daily Prayer from the Catholic Church in Australia

Reflections from Forward Day by Day

The Episcopal church has added some great resources in 2012 that you can check out through this post on More Resources for Lent 2012

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Camille Josey February 9, 2012 - 5:03 am

One of my treasured resources for Lent is “Bread and Wine: Readings for Lent and Easter” published by Orbis (originally a Plough publication).

Christine Sine February 9, 2012 - 7:36 am

Thanks Camille that is one that I am not familiar with. I think I will put together a book resource list for Lent too and will add that to the list

Coe Hutchison February 20, 2012 - 10:08 am

Super post, Christine. I will send links to this post to our congregation as more wonderful Lenten resources. Thanks for all your great work. You make my job easier. I am putting together a written booklet of Lenten resources (with links to your material included) and I will send that to you for your interest.

Christine Sine February 20, 2012 - 10:11 am

Wonderful Coe – like so many of my readers I am always wanting to add to my resource list

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