Inhabit Conference 2012 is Coming

by Christine Sine

InHabit Conference 2012Seattle, Washington – April 20-21

There are not many conferences that I look forward with great anticipation, but this is one of those rare ones. It will be an opportunity to be stretched, and enriched, a chance to gather with friends and make new ones and above all a chance to see God at work. I hope that you can join us.

Here is what Paul Sparks, one of the conference organizers has to say:

Why Inhabit 2012?

For the beginning of a New Parish Awakening

Something wonderful is rumbling under the surface. Join practitioners from all over North America who are moving toward more local and embodied forms of being the church in everyday life.

For an end to Consumer Church

The day of passively attending church events for individual self-help and entertainment must stop. It’s time for faith communities that actively participate together in weaving a robust fabric of care in real places.

For an end to Colonial Mission

The results of arrogant decisions that church leaders have made – decisions that affect communities where they are not members – have driven us to inaction. It’s time to reimagine mission through faithful presence and everyday friendship.

For an end to Information-based Formation

We have imagined that instructing the right ideas and doctrines is the primary mode of discipleship. We have underestimated the transformative power of a full-bodied practice of the ways of Jesus. Action is primary to reflection.

For the beginning of Rooted Collaboration

When links form between small pockets of local care something BIG happens. Connect with hundreds who are discerning how to follow the Spirit into particular places and link across cities and around the world for collaborative support.

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