Prayers for the Journey

by Christine Sine

Today’s post is a little late in coming because it is such a beautiful day here in Seattle that I have been out in the garden all morning which inspired the first prayer here. However I have also included the other prayers I have posted on facebook during the week.

God may we look and see,

Each plant, each creature, each handful of dirt,

God breathed, God inspired, God created.

May we look and see the beauty,

And know that God says “It is very good”


May we wrestle with God in the toughest places,

And not turn away from life’s challenges.

May we allow God to tear apart our self made strengths,

And in our vulnerable weakness meet God face to face.


May we today see the face of God in all we meet,

May we today reveal the face of God to all we meet,

May we grow in love through every encounter,

Until our lives are transformed and radiate the glory of God.


Jesus our companion and brother

Who shared flesh and blood with us

May we celebrate your presence

Merciful and faithful high priest

The One who gives life that is real life

May we delight in who you are


“Jesus may your words lodge in my heart

May your paths take root in my spirit

May your purposes bear fruit in my life.”



This Prayer is called Columba’s prayer. It is attributed to St Columba of Iona.

Sometimes in a lowly cell, in the presence of my God,

I stand and listen.

In the silence of my heart I can hear his will,

When I listen despairing people flock to me,

They expect that I can see the answers,

They ask my advice, they say I am wise.

I answer that nothing can deceive me,

If I stand alone and silently listen.

For I am but a servant who is guided by his king, when I listen.

Sometimes in a lowly cell in the presence of my God

I stand and listen.

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brambonius February 4, 2012 - 1:24 pm

These are beautiful, thanks!

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