Welcoming the New Year – What Do We Expect?

by Christine Sine
Moon setting over Olympic mountains

Moon setting over Olympic mountains

A new year has come, for many with the hope of new and promising possibilities for others with the expectation of continued uncertainty and turmoil. How we approach this year and what we get out of it will to a large extent be shaped by our attitudes and expectations.

Tom and I have just returned from an end of year retreat. As many of you know this is something we do three or four times a year, though this final one for the year tends to be the most renewing one for us. These last few days have been no exception. Both of us have returned home with a renewed commitment to take time to listen to God and walk in God’s path.

For me it has also been a good reminder of the balance I need in my life and of how easily I get out of balance. This is a theme that I cover in detail in my book Godspace: Finding Peace in the Rhythms of Life but I have also explored it in several previous blog posts and wanted to challenge you all to consider seriously your own need for a balanced rhythm to life. I suggest we need a balance between secular and sacred activities, work and rest, community and solitude, feasting and fasting.

I think the beginning of the year is a great time to consider what our lives should look like and explore how to find the rhythms and balance we need and then institute regular practices that accomplish this. For Tom and I our regular retreats are the key to maintaining this type of balance. Sabbath keeping is the essential weekly practice that keeps me on track.

There is much evidence that suggests we do not function well when we are over tired, lacking in exercise, or drained spiritually and emotionally. In fact I suspect that if we are not leading a well balanced life decreases rather than increases our productivity. We are more likely to distract ourselves with busy unproductive activities. So take some time 0 reread these posts and prayerfully consider your own regular commitments an how you can align them more consistently with the rhythm of life God intends for all of us.

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