A Christmas Prayer for 2011

by Christine Sine
Nativity Kenyan

Nativity Kenyan

Alleluia, the waiting is over, Jesus has come,

The promised One of Christmas in now present in our midst.

May we let the chaos settle and turn from our distractions,

May we notice the places that shimmer with his presence. 


Alleluia, love comes down at Christmas,

Beloved son of God, Saviour of the world we welcome your coming.

A child born as one of us to make all things new, 

A Saviour birthed to bring righteousness and justice for all.


Watch for the signs and listen for the messengers,

Stand on tiptoe, shout for joy and trumpet the good news,

God’s miracle has come down from heaven, 

Alleluia the Christ child has come. 


May this child of Christmas come to us and give us hope,

May he grow in us and show us life, may he speak to us and teach us love,

Alleluia something new is emerging something new is being birthed, 

Jesus has come and we open our hearts to be his home.



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