Prayers for the Journey

by Christine Sine
Prayers to light the way

Prayers for the journey - Daily thoughts to light the way

This weekly roundup of prayers is a little shorter than usual so I decided to add a couple that I have not been able to upload during the week.

Create in us your image O God

Grow what is good

Destroy what is evil

Instill in us your love


May we learn that God alone is called the Lord

May we trust that God almighty is the most high

And rest in confidence knowing that the great I AM is supreme over all the earth.


May we glow with the Spirit of God

Shine like the son Jesus Christ

Bear witness to the God of love

And shed light on the glory that is God


We are set apart for a holy purpose

Bearing witness to the love of God

May we all shine like the Son

And blossom into the fullness of all God intends for us


Glory to you Lord God almighty, glory to you

God of the universe, glory to you,

Glory for autumn leaves red, brown and gold

Glory for frosty lawns glistening in sun

Glory for friends and food and fellowship

God of creation, God of the earth

Glory for life and birth and resurrection


May we come into the presence of God

And sit at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ

May the spirit fill us with justice and mercy

So that we live always in the grace and peace of God


Let us witness to the truth of God’s love

And take on the identity of our Lord jesus Christ

May we be filled to overflowing with God’s Spirit

And in all things be God’s grace and peace poured out,


God may my words be lived out in deeds,

May I learn from Jesus the Messiah,

And honour him in all my ways.


May we give thanks at all times

And take into our heart the words of God

May we take on the identity of God’s beloved son

May we live for Christ, serve others

And be a part of God’s kingdom building


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