Join Me for Advent

by Christine Sine
Jesus Is Coming - What Are You Expecting

Jesus Is Coming - What Are You Expecting

During Advent each year I like to extend an open invitation to bloggers and would be bloggers to contribute posts. This is a wonderful way for us to get to know each other and enrich each other’s lives with our thoughts and prayers. The Advent/Christmas devotional Waiting for the Light that we have published this year is a result of past blog series and we expect that others will follow. This year’s blog series will be a real feast. It will be run in conjunction with the synchroblog that I participate in each month and so will start with a rich array of posts on November 23rd on the topic Jesus is Coming What Do We Expect? .

Posts on this topic will continue throughout Advent. The series will end with another synchroblog December 28th on the topic Jesus Came: Did we Get What we Expected?. For those that are not familiar with synchroblogs, this is a collection of similar posts made by a diverse group of bloggers who have agreed to blog on the same topic on the same day. This is your invitation to participate.

However I do still want to open this up to others who would like to participate throughout the Advent and Christmas season and hope that we can continue to provide reflective posts each day. So this is your invitation. Join us in preparing for the celebration of the birth of Christ. Contribute your post to this exciting series. 

For November 23rdJesus is Coming: What Do We Expect? Christmas is probably the most widely celebrated Christian festival in the world.  Incredibly, the birth of a tiny baby two thousand years ago in an obscure village in Palestine still has the power to impact and transform lives.  Unfortunately it is also the most commercialized event on our calendars and even for many Christians is fast losing its religious significance. So what are we really expecting this Advent and Christmas season? Are we just waiting for a baby born in a stable or are we expecting a Saviour who will transform the world? This month’s synchroblog is centred around our expectations for the Advent and Christmas season. What are we expecting? How will it impact our lives and our faith?

This synchroblog will launch a series of daily reflections for Advent & Christmas. If you would like to contribute further posts for this series please contact me. 

For December 28thJesus Came: Did we Get What we Expected? Christmas Day has come and gone; even the after Christmas sales, which are far more exciting for some than the birth of Christ, are behind us.  But did any of us really get what we expected?  This long anticipated season celebrating the birth of Christ our Saviour, often comes with unexpected consequences.  The gifts never quite meet everyone’s expectations and leave behind mountains of wrapping paper and ribbon that will add yet more indestructible rubbish to the landfills. And Jesus doesn’t always give us what we expect either. We welcome him as a cute little baby but if we continue to journey with him, we soon realize that he wants to turn our world upside down. A child born in a stable is much easier to cope with than a revolutionary leader. This month’s synchroblog is centered around the unexpected consequences of our journey with Jesus. Where has it led us that we never anticipated? In what ways has it really turned our world upside down?

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