Prayers for the Journey

by Christine Sine
Prayers to light the way

Prayers for the journey - Daily thoughts to light the way

Here is the weekly roundup of prayers that I have posted on facebook

God still my noisy heart

Quiet my wandering thoughts

May I learn from my inner chaos

And let go of my distractedness

To create within me a place of prayer


God may we go forth in your ways of justice & righteousness

For they are the foundations of your throne

May we god forth surrounded by your love and truth

For they are your constant companions

May we go forth into your loving purposes

Knowing your faithfulness stands firm like a rock


God may I listen for words you whisper for me alone

Caressing moments of love that drench my soul with peace

May they penetrate my searching heart and make me whole


God may we journey deeper into the place where we meet with you

May we worship you with mind and heart and soul

May we worship you in thoughts and deeds and encounters

Knowing your faithfulness will never let us go


God may your longings ache in our hearts

And your passions inspire our paths

May we know your saving power

Not just in our minds and bodies

But in our turbulent and broken world


God you are love, may we walk with you

God you give life, may we follow you

God you fill us with peace, may we accept your presence


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