Prayers for the Journey

by Christine Sine
Prayers to light the way

Prayers for the journey - Daily thoughts to light the way

Here are the prayers that I have posted on facebook this week.  I have also added a couple of prayers that come from the post I wrote yesterday on silence and the wisdom of Benedict


God may we worship you today

Building community, practicing hospitality, sharing generosity

Christ may we seek to know you today

Proclaiming peace, fighting injustice, liberating prisoners

Spirit may we be filled with your presence today

Living compassionately, praying faithfully, worshipping continually


God may we worship you with body, mind and spirit

May we praise you with voice and words and deeds

May we love you with a whole heart gladly

And love our neighbours as we do ourselves


Lead us forward Lord,

Into the place where your light shines brightly

Where love abounds, justice thrives

And abundance comes for all people


God of the bountiful heart, God of the generous spirit
May we see in your harvest provision that never runs dry
Enough for our own needs and abundance for every good work


Jesus may we see in you the ways of life,

May we love justice, show mercy, practice generosity,

And love our neighbours as we do ourselves.


In Christ are all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge

May his words become life for us

May his ways become truth for us

May his purposes become our purposes


God as I come into this place of solitude, into this garden of prayer,

May I feast on a silence of plenty, for I know you await me there,

May I come to where your heart is calling, into your place of quiet,

May I leave behind my worries and distracts and walk with you in the garden of life.


God may I savour each moment as  a place of communion with you,

May I let go of all that distracts me and holds me captive,

May I attune my ears to your words and respond in reverence to your quiet whispers,

May I wrap my heart around your presence and allow your ways to echo in the depths of my being,

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