I Believe in Miracles

by Christine Sine
Garden bounty - a harvest feast

I believe in miracles - garden bounty a harvest feast from God

Saturday we held a garden day at the Mustard Seed House.  All 10 of our community members came together to help weed and harvest.  It was a great time of fellowship and fun.  What astonished all of us was the harvest that we brought in – about 40 lb of pears, over 100 lb apples, 5 lb tomatilloes, 20 lb tomatoes, beans beets and yes still more squash.

As I looked at the bounty sitting on our kitchen floor this morning I thought. This is a miracle.  The tiny seeds I planted at the beginning of the year have multiplied into an incredible harvest of plenty – enough for us and a generous amount to give away.

At the same time I was reminded that the miracles of God rarely occur without work being required from those that receive the miracles.  The manna in the desert still needed to be harvested, the disciples needed to gather the leftovers from the distribution of fish and loaves and not surprisingly we have quite a bit of work ahead of us to process all the fruit before it goes bad.  God’s miracles are not usually done for us, but in participation with us.

God of the bountiful heart

God of the generous spirit

May we see in your harvest

Miracles that you are unfolding

Provision that never runs dry

Enough for our needs

And abundance for every good work.

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