Tools for Prayer – The Entire Series

by Christine Sine
Tools for Prayer - Crosses are always effective

Tools for Prayer – Crosses are always effective

Over the last couple of weeks I have posted a number of articles on tools for prayer. For those that have been following along but may have missed some here is the entire series. However, I do realize too, that this is a never ending discussion and I hope that in the coming days some of you can help me add to this topic. The ways of prayer have not all been invented yet and there is still much room for creativity and for learning from each other

Expressive Arts Therapy as A Tool For Prayer by Kim Balke

Prayer Flags are They only For Buddhists?

Using Icons – A Powerful Tool or Graven Images?

Visio Divina – Praying with Art

Desert Rose – Another Rock for My Collection

Tools for Prayer – Images that Speak of God 

Tools for Prayer – Learning from Teresa of Avila

Tools for Prayer – Stirring Imagination, Awakening Creativity

Greetings from a Labyrinth – Reflections on a Workshop with a Doula by Kim Balke

Tools for Prayer – Five Ways to Pray the Psalms – by Alex Tang

Tools for Prayer – Walk the Labyrinth

Tools for Prayer – Prayer Beads Anyone?

Tools for Prayer – Collecting Rocks

The Transforming Power of Lectio Divina by Christine Valters Paintner

Tools For Prayer – Increase Your Awareness of Our Hurting World 

Tools for Prayer – Moving Beyond Chronic Randomness to Intentionality 

Tools for Prayer – The Price of Tomatoes keeping Slavery Alive in Florida

Tools for Prayer – God Teach Us to Pray


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