Prayer Flags – Are they Only for Buddhists?

by Christine Sine
Prayer flag or banner

Prayer flag may not be acceptable in church but banners are

A friend recently mentioned to me how much they love to make Christian prayer flags.  Once again I was caught off guard because I have always tended to see prayer flags as a Buddhist tradition rather than a Christian practice. Ironically as I researched on the web, most of the initial references to Christian prayer flags were commercial ventures wanting to sell me prepackaged prayer flags with Bible verses on them – not quite what I had in mind. Others prefer to call them worship flags, praise flags or prayer banners, terms which immediately make the flags acceptable to any church gathering. Of course prayer flags tend to be smaller, designed for hanging in the wind but the principles are the same as those used in banners.

Once again I can see that for many followers of Jesus this could be a beneficial prayer tool. So I thought that you might enjoy some of the references and resources that I came across. If you have others to add please join the conversation and add them to the comment section

This article Prayers in the Wind from Episcopal news gave interesting ideas on how to use prayer flags as a way to engage passersby.

There are lots of resources out there on how to make prayer flags too.

I particularly enjoyed this article – Make Your Own Prayer Flags which had some thoughtful suggestions on how to orient flags to Christian practices.

I also loved this video which I also felt was a great reminder to pray for Tibet:

And, of course, if you really do want to go out and buy your own, here is a possible place to start.

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