Prayers for the Journey

by Christine Sine

Below is the compilation of prayers from the last week that I have posted on facebook.   Enjoy!

God may all creation sing of your glory

And the whole earth give you praise

May our minds turn to you in morning

And our hearts be filled with your love

May we sit in your presence and find life



The light of God break upon us

The life of Christ shine through us

The love of the Spirit flow through us

The three in One, the One in three go with us today


May we live with authenticity

And burn as lights set on a hill

May we walk the paths that Jesus walked

And call others to come and follow


May our hearts ache for justice

And our minds long for righteousness

May we surrender to the Spirit’s work

And be transformed into agents of change


God may we today see where you are active in our world

Seeking justice, bringing healing, working for peace

May our hearts ache with compassion and respond with love

May we accept your invitation and go out to join in what you are doing


May we remember today that we are part of an unfolding story

That calls us to listen to God’s words with intent to action

May we live in the reality of God’s kingdom coming

And rejoice in the wonder of God’s eternal presence


The three in One guide you today, the One in three protect you
May your breath be filled with God’s love and mercy
Your path walk in Christ’s truth and justice
Your deeds practice the Spirit’s care and compassion


God may we lean into your promises

And be filled anew with the hope of your salvation

May we see your light shining in dark places

And hear your voice whispering in the stillness of the morning


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