Tom & I are heading up to Camano Island for the Celtic retreat this morning.  However I did not want to miss out on posting the prayers from the week

Christ you come to us

Not in the wind and storm

Not in the earthquake and fire

But in the sound of sheer silence

A breath of calm that stills the sea

And calls to my heart

Be not afraid peace be still

Come walk on the water

Follow me across the waves

No task is impossible, no pain unbearable

When I hold your hand

And peace shall be the pathway for your feet


May we cultivate freedom and compassion today

Letting go of the demands of the world

May we meet with God in the heart of our being


God may we yearn for your wholeness

Seek your restoration

Walk toward your salvation

In all things may we move towards you


The sacred three encircle us

God’s truth before us

Christ’s peace behind us

Spirit’s love within us

Encircle us with your presence


A beautiful prayer from Suzanne Johnson this morning

Looking behind I am filled with gratitude.

Looking forward I am filled with vision.

Looking upwards I am filled with strength.

Looking within I discover peace.

~Quero Apache Prayer


Sing to the Lord today

Soften your heart

Make space for the Spirit to enter


Help us O God to be content with what you give
Enough for our own needs, an abundance for all good works
May we not forget the miracles you have done
Daily provision, bread from heaven become bread for the world


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