Can We Become Fossil Fuel Independent – Denmark Thinks So

by Christine Sine
Merrylea Environmental centre - goshen college

Merrylea Environmental centre - goshen college

Most of us think that independence from fossil fuel is just a pipe dream but Denmark is taking it seriously.  It certainly challenges me to look at other ways that I too can cut back on my fossil fuel energy usage.

The Danish Commission on Climate Change Policy reported in 2010 that Denmark could be independent of fossil fuels by 2050 with a concomitant greenhouse gas emission reduction on the order of 80 percent compared to 1990 emissions. The commission defined independence from fossil fuels as no use of fossil fuels for energy in Denmark. Import of energy based on fossil fuels was allowed but the total amount of renewable energy produced in Denmark must, as a yearly average, be at least equal to Danish energy demands.  Read the entire article

So what can we do to cut back ourselves?  Here are some other great articles with suggestions on what all of us can do to cut energy consumption.

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