Prayers for the Journey

by Christine Sine

The end of the week has come and it time to round up my facebook prayers for the week.

Enter this day with eyes wide open

Drink in the depths of what God presents

Approach all that happens with awe and reverence

And behold the sacredness of all around us


God sustain us

Sustain us with your everlasting presence

Sustain us with your overflowing love

Sustain us with the joy of your salvation


The peace of God rest on you

The peace of Christ live in you

The peace of the Spirit flow through you

The peace of all peace be yours this day and forever


God the fulfiller of enduring promises

God the sharer of abundant love

God the giver of eternal life

We praise and thank you this day


Today’s prayer inspired by John Leech’s sermon yesterday:

Come and eat what God promises

A banquet of plenty bought without money or price

God’s grace poured out in justice and mercy

God’s generosity poured out in bounty and goodness

God’s love poured out in caring and sharing


God we thank you today

For the wonder of life

The mercy of love

The grace of redemption

Poured out through your Son Jesus Christ


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