The Promise of Hope

by Christine Sine

Yesterday I was in the pits.  As many of you know I was really struggling in the morning because of our lack of finances.  Then I discovered that all my seedlings for the autumn garden have been eaten by something.  Broccoli and cauliflowers neatly cut off, lettuce just devoured completely.  Talk about devastation!!!

Garden bounty

Garden bounty - the first tomato of the season

Then the mail arrived with two small cheques for MSA – two more mustard seeds to add to the others that have been planted.  And in the afternoon I went out to harvest garden produce – spectacular runner beans, squash in abundance, small florets of broccoli, the most enormous cauliflower I have ever grown and the first real tomato of the season.  The story of God lived out in the garden.  The promise and hope of abundant provision in its season.

Suddenly I could start to count my blessings.  First thank you to all who responded to my post yesterday with prayers, comfort and encouragement.  Some shared your own stories of struggle to hold on to faith in the presence of daunting obstacles.  Others shared scriptures and prayers.  It really lifted my spirits to realize how many friends I have who care about what God is birthing through the Mustard Seed Village and pray for us regularly.

This morning I continue to thank God for all my blessings and even though the path ahead still seems full of obstacles I know now that with God’s help it is possible.  And I have so much to be grateful for.  God continues to provide for our needs day by day and is providing a growing circle of friends, and volunteers to walk alongside us.  It is amazing and awe inspiring.

Perspective changes everything.  If we focus on God life seems filled with hope and promise.  If we focus on our burdens it is full of despair and discouragement.  I have experienced the transforming power of God today and I hope that you have too.

The peace of God rest on the

The peace of Christ live in you

The peace of the Spirit flow through you

The peace of all peace be yours today and forever

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Andy Harrington August 3, 2011 - 7:57 am

Praying for you Christine. This is a very honest and precious post. Just read today’s and so glad that God is meeting you.

Much love
Andy Harrington


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