This week’s prayers seem to have touched many hearts in special ways.  Thanks for the feedback.  And for those that missed them on Light for the Journey, here is the entire collection for the week

God may I listen more deeply to your wisdom

And let go of my own certainty and limited vision

May I willingly walk toward you into the unknown mystery of faith


God may we sit secure in your presence

And know the wonder of your love

May we glory in your saving grace

And shout aloud your redemption story


For the beauty of the earth we thank you O God

For the abundance of the garden we thank you O Christ

For the flourishing of the friendship we thank you O Spirit

We give thanks today to the three in One, the One in three


God I sit and savour your presence

I thank you for the prayer you form in my heart

And each moment of time sanctified by your spirit


May I be mindful of you today O God

Remembering the sacredness of every act, each object, each encounter

May I come to you in the wonder of this day

And find eternal life


God may we yoke ourselves with you today

And learn to rest our souls

Help us to lay down our heavy loads

And see that your burden is light


And here too is the prayer that I wrote for my Wild Goose festival post

God’s light shines in unexpected places

Where the veil between earth and heaven has thinned

We have seen it in the face of friend and stranger

We have seen it in the midst of darkness and light

We have heard it in the memories and song

We have heard it in the laughter and fun

May it make the spirit soar within you and take flight

May it guide you through the day and lead you through the night

May it shine for all to see and give us light

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